Thursday, November 01, 2012

Psy before feet

Found via Daum, I found this photo (from here) and commentary amusing:

Korean invisible horse rider Psy was too busy checking how many minutes of fame he had left to notice that he lit up a cigarette right next to a No Smoking sign in Toronto on Tuesday.

In his defense, who has time to follow the rules when you're squeezing the very last drops out of that "Gangnam Style" song?

Eh sexy lady. 
What amused me was the idea that this took place in Toronto, since Canada - well, the world, really, excepting Liberia, Burma, and the U.S. - uses the metric system.

(Mind you, I'll admit that, at times, the metric system has twice as many syllables - six inches vs fifteen centimetres, for example, which can make it a little more unwieldy to use when speaking.)

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Baek In-je said...

You can take the Korean out of Korea, but you cant take Korea out of the Korean.