Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Photos of colonial era Korean cities

I was asked for the photos which were originally linked to here (hat tip to commenter Mika) the other day, so I uploaded them again here (scroll down to bottom left, wait 25 seconds).

There are about 330 photos of several colonial era Korean cities (in an 80mb zip file), including Seoul (Keijo), Incheon (Jinsen), Busan (Fuzan), Gunsan (Gunzan), Daegu (Taikyu), Daejeon (Taiden), Pyongyang (Heijo), Sinuiju (Singisyu), Cheongjin (Seisin), Wonsan (Genzan), Hamheung (Kanko), and Nanan (Ranan).


Unknown said...

thanks for this

Unknown said...

Hello. The link at File Send seems to be broken. If it isn't too much trouble, would you mind uploading the file again? I would love to take a look at those pictures.

By the way, thank you so much for all your hard work on this blog. It is much appreciated and has been invaluable over the years. Great work.

matt said...

Thanks for the kind words. The link still works for me, though. The download button appears at bottom left after a short wait. If there's still a problem let me know.