Friday, February 26, 2010

The Wild Women's Performing Arts Festival

The Korea Herald has an article about The Wild Women’s Performing Arts Festival this Saturday. As it says at their site:
The Wild Women’s Performing Arts Festival is back to raise more money for the Korean Women’s Association United! This year the event will take place on Saturday February 27th as part of the run-up to International Women’s Day on March 8th. The night will feature a fresh list of performers, poets and dancers, as well as a silent photography auction, raffle and much more! So make sure to clear some space in those busy calendars to show your support for gender equality in South Korea.
It's being held at Monghwan in Sincheon - a map is at their site, and there's also a call for volunteers there.

The site also has a list of performers (links to the performers' homepages can be found there):


* Vidulgi OoyoO [Psychedelic/Shoegaze]
* 3rd Line Butterfly [Indie rock]
* Oriental Lucy
* Jennifer Waescher [Acoustic]
* Zee Kang of The Pines
* Dringe Augh (label: Electric Muse)
* Orgeltanz (label: Electric Muse)
* Brick Slipper (indie rock)
* Bigbabydriver (folk pop)


* Eshe Yildiz (Bellydance)
* Paula Wilson and Kim Juyoung (tango)
* Carlita Ector (re:verb dance – West African/modern)
* May Tribal Fusion (Tribal bellydance)
* Navah (Bellydance)

Spoken Word

* Charlene Jones
* Lauren Bedard
* Carys Jones
* Chloe Lee
* Heather Hong
* Jyoung-Ah Kim

I know (and like) Vidulgi OoyoO, Oriental Lucy, Orgeltanz, and 3rd Line Butterfly (though I've never seen the latter play live), so right there there are some great acts. The site even has this Oriental Lucy video I've never seen before (I've posted some before):

Do check the festival out (or volunteer) if you get the chance. And if you want to know more about what's going regarding live shows, do check out the Korea Gig Guide.


Roboseyo said...

I saw Vidulgi Ooyoo at a concert last weekend, and they were pretty great.

Chris in South Korea said...

Just finished a write-up of the show:

In a nutshell, good show but way too crowded. I'm pleased that they seperated the music element from the social activist element - but wonder if something is lost from that seperation.