Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kim Yuna currently in first place

According to, Japanese netizens are accusing Koreans of 'buying off judges' in regards to Kim Yuna's victory. Oh, and there's a cool photo here.

From here.

[Regarding the title of this post,] That's what it said at the top of the tv screen after her performance, as all the other skaters took their turns. I was in Nolboo eating lunch today when Kim and Mao, performed, but was sitting at an angle which made it hard to see the TV screen, and missed Mao's performance (I didn't realize her score or how phenomenal she'd been, though in retrospect it explained why the whole restaurant was silent during Kim's performance). At any rate, she set a new world record, something she's been doing with regularity, and just a moment ago (as it's warm today and a lot of restaurants' doors are open) I could hear the music from her program waft up from a nearby restaurant. One wonders how many replays will be broadcast over the next few hours. I do wonder if I'm detecting some gloating in some of the articles I've seen, and all I can say that it's not over yet.

Kim's performance can be seen here, and Asada's can be seen here.

As this look at the competition mentions,
While the 1-2 battle was pure athletic drama, the sport's two stars over the past four years finally meeting on Olympic ice to duel it out, the emotional story belonged to Canadian Joannie Rochette, whose 55-year-old mother died of a heart attack here last weekend.
I couldn't figure out why she was crying after a third place finish (so far) until I read that and remembered that a (Korean) friend had told me about her mother dying (some Canadian nationalist I turned out to be).

By the way, does anyone find Kim's expression in this ad to be, uh, ecstatic?

Perhaps there's a reason the left hand side was cut off where it was. Just do it, indeed.


Matt said...

As Olympic flame burns, Canada's sex industry heats up

matt said...

Finally, a comment from you that is related to the post at hand! I was surprised by this, I must admit:

Numerous Korean representatives of Korean corporations - and Olympic sponsors - as well as IOC members have been seen going to Yuna Kim's floor at her hotel, and a hotel worker, who asked that her name not be used, stated that, "Let me tell you, what you think is going on is what's going."

Shocking! Thanks for linking to that! 민족주의 ROKs!

Mark Russell said...

Yes, Kim's team bribed the judges... and the commentary crews for NBC and CTV ... and the New York Times, LA Times, Toronto Star ... and me. There are a lot of sad, petty people out there.

Mark Russell said...

So who is this new Mr. Troll and why does he have it in for you? I guess a few hundred posts of interesting history and insight are no match for a couple of posts that hurt his feelings. Hopefully he will get distracted in a few days and move on to other things.

Matt said...

Anti-Olympic protestors destroy downtown Vancouver property

matt said...

Oh, he's not new. He's just changed his name. I'm sure he'd be disgusted at my lack of nationalism if I admitted I'm happy not to be in Canada during the Olympics.

Yes, Canadian protesters are pretty disappointing, aren't they? Just a bit of property damage. Nothing compared to the 3.7 trillion won the mad cow protesters cost the Korean economy. When it comes to doing damage to their own country, Canadian protesters have a lot to learn from Koreans.