Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to drink soju

Iron Palm is a pretty silly movie, but it does have a few things of interest. It stars Kim Yun-jin (of Lost fame) as a bartender wooed by a smarmy Korean-American guy and her ex-boyfriend from Korea, who trains in Taekwondo by putting his hands into the rice in a rice cooker to toughen them, much like Hanzo the Razor (though he put a different appendage into the rice). My favorite scene is one you never see in Korean films, since it's set in America. It features the guy on the right, above, teaching the guy on the left how to drink soju:
So why do we drink Soju?
To abuse our bodies.
Why abuse it?
Because life is sad.

So we gulp it down and say to that fucking sadness, "Hey, sadness, l had a drink today, l'm ready to take you on."

Come on, try it.
Hold up the glass.
"Hey, sadness, you bastard. l'm ready for you today."

Then gather all your sad memories inside your head, pour the drink into your mouth.
And there you have it. I'd imagine the 50% alcohol version of Andong Soju would do the job best (though I prefer the taste of the 20% Andong Soju).


Jason said...

This may be personal, but I have my own advise for how to drink soju; don't. It is the devil! Sorry, that's just the product of too many bad days after.


They finally did it... they encapsulated soju culture... this is incredible...

I'm going to pour a drink to celebrate.

Helen said...

It goes with sadness,tiredness and...altang(알탕). Especially in this cold weather!