Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Old and new

These are photos of the second wedding I went to in Korea, in early 2002 (both were of co-workers I didn't know well). While the first wedding I went to mixed the western form of a wedding with things like confetti spray cans, this one was a traditional Korean wedding.

There were samulnori performers in traditional garb, a hen (which had its feet tied, but which fell over on two occasions and started squawking) and traditional architecture, but also the kind of photographer with his flash running around taking photos and guy with a video camera with a huge spotlight (which is visible below) that you see at more western style weddings.

Oh, and it was at Lotte World’s folk village.

Pictured below is the sedan chair that the bride got into and which I got chosen to help carry.

Whoever designed that chair obviously never had to lift one, since the handles were square in shape, and not rounded, and with the weight of the thing, the edges quickly dug into my hand. Hopefully the sedan chairs of old had more rounded handles…


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Helen said...

I ever thought it must be very heavy but never thought about the square handle. You got a good experience! 예식장 wedding usually sucks.