Sunday, November 22, 2009

New word for the day

1.pitiful, pitiable, piteous, touching, pathetic, sad, plaintive, deplorable.
Such as, "홀로 있는 모습 애처로워", or 'her lonely figure is pitiable,' in reference the netizen reaction to this photo:

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the picture. I saw it live on NBC. The image is simultaneously full of pitiable loneliness, nerve-wracking waiting, and an anticipation of glory.

If I had been in that corridor, I'd have left her alone, too. You don't talk to the fella pitching a perfect game. It is unfortunate she could not perform well in her skate after this image was taken. Still, her stumble there gave her good experience.

Really was a series of lovely images NBC showed of Yuna quietly sitting alone in the corridor with random men walking past her while the other skaters, one by one, waited, full of emotions, to see their own scores. :D