Monday, November 16, 2009

Andrea Vandom's letter to NHN

Andrea Vandom's letter to NHN regarding Anti-English Spectrum, mentioned here, can be read in its entirety here.

Also, the Korea Times has an article about ATEK's statement regarding the letter.


kushibo said...

Is it true that some of the AES site's contents have been removed (perhaps by themselves)?

matt said...

Absolutely. As of Nov. 11, there were 6,299 posts on the site, but the most current post was numbered 9,921 - so one third have been deleted. Keep in mind that within ten days of forming, there were 2000 posts on the site(!). I've quoted an Ohmynews interview with the women in the Hongdae party pictures before, in which one of the women lists AES as a place where they were called whores and brothel keepers. I haven't seen anything like that there, so I imagine anything like that that could have been used in a libel case has been removed. What's interesting is the stuff painting foreigners as AIDS threats was not removed last time I looked. They obviously didn't consider it offensive.