My posts about the Gwangju Uprising

Below is a list of blog posts I have written about the Kwangju Uprising (or Gwangju Uprising) since I started this blog in May 2005, organized in either vague chronological order or by topic rather than publication date.

Bibliography of the Kwangju Uprising (in English)


A look at April 1960

A Tale of Two Uprisings

"a country boy running Korea" (Park Chung-hee's 1961 coup)

Attempts to save Chang Myon's government from Park Chung-hee's coup in 1961

The Kwangju Uprising - Background

12.12 and the passing of Choi Gyu-ha

The 12.12 Coup 30 years later

The Kwangju Uprising

5.18 - Those who fell under the paratroopers' clubs

The Escalation of Violence During the Kwangju Uprising

Kwangju, May 20-21, 1980 - Forcing out the troops

Contemporary news reports about the Kwangju Uprising

The Bitter End

John Underwood's account of the Gwangju Uprising (among others)

American missionaries give blood, take photos, and speak out to CBS (Scroll down)

The death toll of those injured in the Kwangju Uprising

Meandering musings on the Kwangju Uprising (5.18 Timeline)

Park Chung-hee's "act of terrorism" and other tales of saving Kim Dae-jung

The 1980 Kwangju Uprising and the United States

Part 1: Sources and Historical Background

Part 2: Expectations of US intervention and Chun Doo-hwan’s manipulations

Part 3: Commentary on US involvement in Kwangju and US government responses, 1980-1999

Part 4: Commentary on US involvement in Kwangju, 1998-1999

Part 5: William Gleysteen on the Kwangju Uprising and the rise of Chun Doo-hwan, 1999

Part 6: General Wickham on the Kwangju Uprising and the rise of Chun Doo-hwan, 1999

Part 7: James Young on the Kwangju Uprising and the rise of Chun Doo-hwan, 2003

Part 8: Henry Scott-Stokes, Linda Lewis, and others on the Kwangju Uprising, 1997-2004.

Part 9: Misrepresenting sources to arrive at a preset conclusion: Critiquing “Neoliberalism and the Gwangju Uprising”

Part 10: The Manipulator: Chun Doo-hwan and the US media

Spring 1980: The Yongsan Golf Course incident

Fictionalized depictions of the Kwangju Uprising

Kwangju Narratives in Different Media

Excellent articles about 5.18 and 'May 18'

'Splendid Vacation' and the Simplification of History in Recent Korean Films

A Splendid Vacation at Haeundae

26 Years

"The Man Standing Next" is Korea's 2021 Oscars submission?

Kwangju since 1980

Park Geum-hui and Kwangju's Memory of 5.18 (Attending 5.18's 25th anniversary in 2005)

Bad taste

The story behind photos taken in Kwangju in 1980

The other victims of the Kwangju Uprising

The 30th anniversary of the Kwangju Uprising

The Kwangju Uprising 39 years later

Incorrect claims by Kim Yong-jang about evacuation of US citizens from Kwangju before May 18

Kim Yong-jang was not a military intelligence officer

5.18, 40 years later

Newly released documents related to the Gwangju Uprising

When critics of American foreign policy write Koreans out of their own history 

'Tell the World what is Happening': The Americans who Witnessed the Kwangju Uprising

Called by Another Name (here as well)

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