Monday, April 11, 2016

Interview with The Korea File on WW2 POWs in Colonial Seoul

Last year I posted links to an interview Andre Goulet did with me for his podcast, The Korea File (Part 1: "A History of Korean Social Movements," Part 2: "Korean Identity and Anti-Americanism," Part 3: "Weed, Counterculture and Dictatorship") and a few weeks ago he posted a the final part, "Prisoners and Propaganda: WW2 POWs in Colonial Seoul."

Thanks again to Andre inviting me to do this interview; have a look under "Episodes" here to look through the other interviews about Korean music, culture, and society he's done.

More about the WWII allied POWs in Korea can be found here.


Unknown said...

2009년 게시물중 오곡동(Ogok-dong) 관련된 글을 보고 댓글 남깁니다. 포스팅에 대해 많이 궁금합니다. 으로 메일 가능하신지요. Reply

brent said...

Glad the site is back! I used to check often but then kind of gave up.