Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fundraiser for Daily NK on indiegogo

I've been asked to post about Daily NK's new fundraiser on indiegogo, where they are hoping to raise $10,000:
Daily NK, an acclaimed civil society-based online periodical headquartered in Seoul responsible for breaking major news stories from inside North Korea, is raising funds on Indiegogo towards reconfiguring its website with RWD (Responsive Web Design). The goal: to deliver news-- translated in Korean, Japanese, English, and Chinese -- more effectively across different platforms -- desktop, notebook, tablet, and mobile -- to our growing international audience.

Founded in 2004, Daily NK's staff includes South Korean democracy activists, North Korean defectors, and international researchers. Regularly cited by major international media -- such as The New York Times, China Daily, and the BBC -- the website is also a frequent target for cyber attacks perpetrated by hackers in China and North Korea. Site redesign will also include security upgrades to safeguard the free flow of information.

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