Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Substance-induced chuckles

Last week, a Korea Herald interview with OB CEO Jang In-soo included this:
Jang also commented on another controversial issue: The taste of South Korean beer.

He claimed that news reports that South Korean beers taste bad and dull is an ill-intended scheme of minor beer companies that seek a place in the Korean beer market.

“Liquor’s strength and taste follow the cultural code of that country. Vodka is the best-selling drink in Russia, but not in Korea,” he said.

He stressed that Korean beer products are typically mild in taste and scent because they are mostly served with meals.
Oh, you minor beer companies and your ill-intended schemes! Damn you! Damn you all to hell!

(I was surprised to read that an OB-made beer, Blue Girl, is the best-selling beer in Hong Kong.)

The news about ex-Misuda participant Bianca Mobley leaving the country to avoid prosecution for pot use was also amusing. As this article put it a month ago, police
charged boy-band singer Choi Daniel and TV personality Bianca Mobley with smoking and selling marijuana. [...] The singer is accused of selling 3.5 grams of marijuana for 500,000 won ($458.50) as well as smoking the drug.

Mobley, who starred on the KBS talk show “Chatting Beauties,” is charged with helping Choi arrange the purchase and sales as well as smoking the marijuana [three times] with Choi.
The Korea Times article notes that
The prosecution is currently planning to request the cooperation of Interpol and American courts to extradite her to Korea, according to a local prosecutor. The official doubts if this will be successful, because the charges against her are not very severe.
You think?

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