Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Workshop on U.S. military camptown prostitution in Korea

[Update: A summary of the workshop is here.]
I was asked to pass along information about this event:
The Women's Global Solidarity Action Network (WGSAN) [previously the House of Sharing International Outreach Team] will be hosting a free workshop under the title "U.S. Military Camptown Prostitution in Korea: 1945-Present". The workshop will be given by Professor Nah Young Lee.

The workshop will be this Saturday, June 9th from 2-5 at the Columban Mission Center. To get to the center, take line 4 to the Sungshin Women's University Entrance 성신여자대학교입구) stop. Go out exit 4 and a building with a traditional Korean roof (hanok) will be in front of you. Go into the building and up to the second floor. Please note the center is very close to exit 4, and not on the University's campus.

For more information email womens.global.solidarity@gmail.com or go to the facebook event page.


Anonymous said...

Is Lee, Nah-young going to say prostitution began in S. Korea because of the U.S. military? Why don't they have a workshop on prostitution near ROK military bases?

Nama said...

I don't think that's what it is. I think it's mainly about the history. how it happened and so on. They can't blame it US military unless they were forced to provide prostitution by US Military. In the end, if they needed to do it to survive that's what happened, if you were ashamed you can always end your life. It couldn't be one sided presentation but I think it is a possibility. BTW if korean soldiers wanted prostitute it wasn't very far away back then either. Today it's much more accessble to prostitutes in korea