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How to hunt foreign women

The 2005 English Spectrum Incident

Part 1: English Spectrum and 'Ask The Playboy'
Part 2:
The Kimchiland where it’s easy to sleep with women and make money
Part 3: English Spectrum shuts down as Anti-English Spectrum is created
Part 4: How to hunt foreign women

In the early morning of January 13, 2005, the Kukmin Ilbo published an article looking at how foreign teachers weren't the only people posting problematic material on the internet:
Controversy over posting at Korean cafe site: "How to hunt foreign women"

As the foreign instructor site was temporarily shut down due to the stir over its sexual demeaning of Korean women, some Korean netizens have posted problematic things like "How to hunt foreign women."

Their postings look at "Details of how to prepare to get white women" or describe in detail to other members sleeping with Asian women from Japan or Philippines, and they even openly post photos.

Some members show great interest and post responses, but, at the same time, others charge that it is no different than the foreign instructors who sexually denigrate Korean women. The first thing one sees is "How to hunt white women using internet messengers." Netizen A, who posted it, said, "I have also used the internet to meet foreign women many times. I'm giving out tips for how to win white women over" and introduced in detail 5 simple messenger [types] to contact foreign women with and gave each a score.

In evaluating the five, in the case of one messenger, he wrote that using this messenger he'd met up to five Russian women and in fact sent them presents by mail, and was introduced to a Chinese Korean woman who came to Korea to meet him. Other members who read the post left comments saying things like "If you use the messenger well, white girls will fall for you," or that they could have a real life relationship with 18 year-old eastern European girls via messenger.

In addition, those who have slept with Asian women such as Japanese, Filipinas, or Thais have posted photos of them and even gone so far as to post lewd photos. Members who have introduced Latin American women also stand out.

In particular, they have also shared methods for getting foreign women in Korea. Member B wrote, "For western women, *** nightclub in Itaewon or *** in Hongdae are teeming with white women," and spared no effort in giving advice in how to act and what to wear. Another member, C, wrote, "If you want to meet European women go to *** techno club in Hongdae."

Member D, who wrote "Actually I've had relations with 30 Filipinas," posted specifically about how he felt about having sex with Filipinas. This writing was disclosed in an email sent by Mr. Lee (39). In an interview, Lee revealed that, "Bachelors think of marrying foreign women, and they are active at the online cafe, but many Korean men share that they are infuriated by being ignored by 'doenjang girl' Korean women." "It's regrettable that, just like how some foreign men denigrate Korean women, some Korean men also think of foreign women only as sexual playthings."

In particular, Mr. lee wrote, "I'm bitter that, like how some American men think that Korean women are easy, some Korean men possess anti-feminist and racist thinking that if they just want a southeast Asian woman they can have her."
This is in fact the first of several articles which contain criticism of male, Korean netizens which will appear during the English Spectrum incident.

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Maria said...

I've never heard any comments that denigrate Asian woman (only one about Thai women) and i lived in many countrys, but I've heard many who say that Asian men think western women are easy and less respectable.