Thursday, September 08, 2011

Korea: The more you know...

This video has been appearing on CNN to promote Korea, and just appeared on Youtube in several languages yesterday:

I was told about this video awhile ago by someone who saw it before it was released, and who was less than glowing in her response to it (to say the least). It would seem it was edited slightly to remove the African jungle man from the crowd at the end (which might be for the best, as he might not be allowed to use public transportation anyways).

This video, on the other hand, is rather amusing:

"When a foreigner speaks to you, do you want to hide?"
(This is our country.)
"We (should) say hello first."


Andrew said...

Why are English voice overs in Korean always the same gay man.

scott said...

it's not gay. it's a vestige of the old days..there's a long relationship between AFKN and Korea spot producers. This is the style developed during the 80's by the Americans from the Army who did most of the voice work. Grant Stombaugh's work is being copied.