Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kim Jong-il on the Simpsons

The second-to-last scene in the season premier of The Simpsons had the guest star reminisce about "when I was in a North Korean prison being forced to write a musical about Kim Jong-il with a car battery hooked up to my nipples." Said musical was titled "Being short is no hindrance to greatness," and a snippet of the musical was shown:

"K is for Korea, just the north part,
I is for the internet he bans,
M is for the millions that are missing,
J is for our human-tasting jam,
O is for the Oh boy we love our leader,
N is for the best Korea, North,
G is for gee whiz we love our leader…"

A little too grim to be funny.

The "Taiwanese animated dramatization" of an incident in the show, on the other hand, was hilarious:

Other examples of such animation can be found here and here.

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