Monday, September 20, 2010

New drug to be banned

The Joongang Ilbo has a story about the growing popularity of the drug propofol and how hospitals and clinics have been illegally distributing it, resulting in arrests. It then goes on to say that - as always - the investigation is expanding:
Prosecutors are now looking into Korean celebrities and adult entertainment establishments, where they believe the drug can be easily found. Korean celebrities are seeking propofol because the drug is supposedly good for stress or insomnia, according to prosecutors.

The spread of propofol will continue to cause trouble for prosecutors until it is designated as a narcotic next year by the Korea Food and Drug Administration because there is no legal punishment for those who use the drug.
Um, silly question: If "there is no legal punishment for those who use the drug," then why are they tracking down possible users such as Korean celebrities (who have been the target of drug crackdowns for 35 years)? What's interesting is during that 1975 crackdown, celebrities and adult entertainment establishments were among the targets as well. The more things change...


Darth Babaganoosh said...

Propofol? Any relation to Propolis?

Anonymous said...

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