Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Double standards make for good cartoons, apparently!

So the Kyunghyang Sinmun published the latest edition of Park Sun-chan's 'Jangdori' in their hard copy edition today (online here, and on twitter here).
(Hat tip to Ask A Korean and Benjamin Wagner.)

A certain artist. 

"People from poor countries need to realize that they live in luxury in Korea."

A certain criminal.
[Holding bag of 'drugs']

[At a native speaker English hagwon]
"Thank you so much for deigning to visit our shabby place."
"Teacher!" [Bowing deeply.]

So there you have it. Black people are poor and kind and live hard lives in Korea, where as white people take and smuggle drugs and wear evil smiles and are treated very well as English teachers.

Yes, it is making a point about double standards, but the same paper made the same point nine years ago during the English Spectrum Incident.

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