Tuesday, January 14, 2014

RAS lecture on the mountains of North and South Korea

Tonight Roger Shepherd will be giving a lecture titled "The Baekdu Daegan as One Mountain System" for the Royal Asiatic Society:

The Baekdu Daegan is the biosphere of the entire Korean peninsula. After completing the first-ever photographic documentation of the Baekdu Daegan in both Koreas, Roger Shepherd now ponders whether the Baekdu Daegan has any hope of being shared by both Koreas as a national symbol of homogeneous identity. Further to that; with South Korea vying for the Baekdu Daegan to be a UNESCO world heritage site, what obstacles and opportunities will this submission face in regards to getting the North Koreans on board? Can it be done? His talk will be followed by a slide show featuring his explorative work from DPRK.
Roger Shepherd's previous lecture for the RAS was well worth attending; the results of his trips to photograph the mountains of North Korea can be seen here, and his website is here. Copies of his new 160 page photo book, 'Mountains of the Baekdu Daegan from North and South Korea' will be available; a preview is here.

The lecture will be held at 7:30 pm tonight (Tuesday) in the Residents' Lounge on the 2nd floor of the Somerset Palace in Seoul, which is behind Jogyesa Temple, and is 7,000 won for non-members and free for members. More information can be found here.

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