Thursday, January 16, 2014

DMT smuggling foreign teacher gets suspended sentence

KNN reports that, as it turns out, the Changwon District Court sentenced A, the 25-year-old British native speaking teacher who imported the raw materials to for DMT and was arrested in November (leading NoCut News to declare, "From now on the provinces are no longer a drug-safe zone"), to three years imprisonment suspended for five years. According to the article,
The court disclosed that though A should strictly be held responsible for having drugs at his house and habitually taking them, it took into consideration the fact that he did not intend to distribute them in Korea and had reflected [on his offense].
As noted in the original post, I wondered if he might be treated leniently (as did Benjamin Wagner), and it turns out he was. Somehow I doubt he still has his teaching job, however.

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King Baeksu said...

If he gets to keep his teaching job, I recommend he use this text for the classroom:

Surely if the Koreans want us to "respect and understand" their culture, they would do well to demonstrate a little reciprocity themselves!