Friday, September 13, 2013

19 year-old arrested for sexual assault of American woman in Hongdae

The Chosun Ilbo reported Wednesday that a 19 year-old with the family name Song was arrested by Mapo police for beating and sexually assaulting an American woman in her twenties. According to police, on August 30 Song met the American woman at a bar in Hongdae and drank with her, and was walking home with her when he punched her in the face and then assaulted her in a basement in Hapjeong-dong. After she reported what happened to police, they tracked down Song using CCTV camera footage.

There are over 20 news reports about this on Naver; Dalian, for example, says she was on her way home when she was attacked (rather than stating that she was walking home with him). Mind you, I'm not sure why Dalian felt the need to add the photo that it did.


Todd T said...

Dallian... Where "Yous is the news"... classic!

matt said...

Yeah, my days of not taking them seriously are certainly coming to a middle.