Sunday, September 02, 2012

An inventive way to isolate people

Last night I was emailed and told that a friend of a friend had heard that police were warning people not to answer a call from the number 010-4878-4040 lest they be charged 250,000 won. I did a news search for the number and according to the Chosun Ilbo it's an internet folktale - not only did the police say it's not possible, but they also caught the guy who started it. Apparently the person with that number misdialed and called him and they got into an argument, so to get revenge he spread that story on the internet, hoping that people would no longer accept his or her calls. That's inventive, twisted, amusing and kind of sad all at once. You have to wonder how many people didn't answer this poor person's calls. I guess it's no longer an issue - the number is no longer in use.


Flint said...

Now that is how you go about getting revenge. :)

ZenKimchi said...

Now, if its from 867-5309 get ready for a good time.