Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Game of Death at Beopjusa Temple

I was reading this list of 'top ten movies that were never made' when I came across the following video about Bruce Lee's unfinished film "Game of Death." I had no idea it was to involve Korean gangsters, feature two Korean hapkido masters (only the fight with Ji Han Jae was filmed; the fight with Hwang In-Shik was not), and be set in the five story pagoda of Beopjusa Temple. Since the video refers to Lee's drawings, I imagine the scenes we see of Beopjusa Temple were shot more recently; the temple does not appear in the 1978 version of the film which used only a few minutes of the footage Lee shot.

And while I'm thinking of it, though I posted this years ago, I had to update the video link, so here's a 1971 interview with Bruce Lee by Pierre Berton.

And just for fun (though this may be NSFW in Korea), here's a celebrity tip by Berton which aired about six weeks before he died in 2004 (hint: it involves rolling something, and it's not a fajita).

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