Friday, November 18, 2011

G'old Korean Vinyl

Do check out G'old Korean Vinyl if you're into Korean music from the 70s and 80s - they provide downloadable songs at the site of rare songs from that time period. In addition, on November 26 @ Fabric in Busan they're holding a party:
G’OLD (Good Old) is a party featuring several hours of rare, vintage Korean tracks alongside all types of indieLink and dance music. We have been given access to a massive library of out-of-print Korean vinyl and are picking out the best Garage, Soul, Disco, Pop, Psyche and Synth from 1950-89 Korea. We will be showcasing these crazy, awesome gems at a series of parties. The party will feature rare Korean music finds from our archives as well as indie, dance and alternative sounds. Curated by Super Color Super & Gopchang Jeongol.
Gopchang Jeongol, if you don't know it, is in Hongdae (near Sanullim theatre) and is a fun place to hang out, full of tons and tons of classic LPs.
(Hat tip to Mark Russell)

On the classic front, the Seoul Sinmun has photos of dancer Choi Seung-hui to celebrate the 100th anniversary of her birth; I've posted about her before. I hadn't known until I read The Cleanest Race that she performed for Hitler.

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