Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Bucheon Richensia

I was on top of Gaehwasan a week or so ago on a clear day and, while overlooking Gimpo Airport, eastern Incheon, and Bucheon, could see two tall towers off in the distance in Bucheon, and remembered seeing the design for such a building years ago. As it turns out, the construction of the 66-floor Bucheon Richensia apartments is well under way, as can be seen at Skyscraper City.

This photo makes clear its location at the south of the We've the State apartments completed in 2007, while this one (taken from the 63 Building) shows them creeping up behind hills in the distance, similar to the view from Gaehwasan.

Needless to say, Bucheon has changed a great deal since I lived there ten years ago.

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