Thursday, December 11, 2008

Three seasons in photos

I thought I'd post some photos of the snow the other night, but then decided to post a few photos of the changing seasons as well. It's been awhile since I've listened to this Mojave 3 song; it's long been a favourite, and a good soundtrack, I think (hat tip to Roboseyo and Iceberg for the concept).

Here are a few shots of rice growing in the Magok fields near my house. I imagine in 10 years they'll be gone (likely sooner).




Namsan Park by night in August:

The street below is near my house, seen in November...

A trip in November took me to Yeongheungdo, about 10-15 kilometers south of Incheon. Below is the fishing port and the Yeongheung Bridge connecting it to the mainland.

There was a market with lots of sea creatures nearby.

"I have a bad eeling about this..."

My friends and I stayed near this beach.

The maeuntang and kalguksu were tasty (though I think Kalguksu is more to my liking as breakfast food).

A short hike up a nearby mountain was scenic...

This is, I think, the ruins of a bunker on Chihyeonsan, near my house.

Fall ended rather suddenly; I took this picture on a Monday...

...and the photo above the next day. And all the leaves had even been swept up and taken away!

Here are a few shots of the snow on Sunday near Hanseong University station (after another dinner at Song's Kitchen, where the Hub of Sparkle gathering was held two weeks ago).

Old and new...

I have lots more photos like the one above (including the process of an entire neighbourhood near my house being torn down), but I'll save those for another day...


Roboseyo said...

Thanks for the HT, and thanks for the music/picture combo. The pictures were really lovely, and went really well with the soundtrack. I just wish there were more.

Did you know Korea has four seasons?

Anonymous said...

Nice shot of the condemned building. I look forward to seeing more of that.

matt said...

Glad you liked the pics and music, Roboseyo. I thought I'd posted this year's spring photos here before but I guess not... might have to do an update.

Jon, I might try and put up progressive panoramas of a neighbourhood's removal from the map soon... the closer-up photos might have to wait, as there are at least a couple thousand to sift through...