Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Four wheel, four-letter word fashion shop

As it turns out, I'm not alone in having seen an odd bus before. But whereas the bus Robert Neff saw had "boobi boobi" written on it, the one I saw had something else:

Even if you click on it it's hard to read the small print, but the tiny "Welcome to fuck bus" make it clear that's what the red letters are spelling out. "Fashion Shop" can be seen in white, and smaller bits say "Sexy and Happy and Money", "Open Market", and the speech balloon says "Welcome to Fuck & Bus Fashion Shop." The smashed windshield is visible, and while this is a secluded area behind a park, it's also across from the local orphanage. Exactly what kind of fashion shop is to be found inside a bus with a half-naked anime character on it, I'm not sure...

1 comment:

Roboseyo said...

when the bus us a-rockin', don't bother shoppin'