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"Let's not use foreign actors": Controversy spreads over SBS's 'I Want to Know That' report

The 2005 English Spectrum Incident

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Part 62: "Let's not use foreign actors": Controversy spreads over SBS's 'I Want to Know That' report 

On February 22, 2005, Herald SaengSaeng News reported on a new controversy surrounding the SBS broadcast:
"Let's not use foreign actors": Controversy spreads over SBS's 'I Want to Know That' report

Controversy is spreading over SBS's "I Want to Know That" report.

After the report on the 19th, "Is Korea their paradise? A report on the real conditions of blonde-haired, blue-eyed foreign instructors," which focused on the facts of some foreign instructors' illegal and immoral acts, the realities of unfit foreign instructors are heating up the internet and amid this assertions are being made that foreigners who appear on Korean TV should not be used.

During the broadcast one illegal foreign instructor said in an interview "I'm a foreign instructor and I also have been on TV programs," and after this statement came out, posts appeared viewers' message board which went as far as saying that Korean terrestrial broadcasts should refrain from [allowing] appearances by foreign stand-in actors.

"It's said that most foreign actors appearing on TV are illegal sojourners."

"At the very least shouldn't it be confirmed if they are illegal sojourners? They say that an investigation is pending but that all viewers can see those low quality people opening acting on TV is in itself disappointing."

"Let's blow the whistle on TV production crews that hire illegal sojourners."

"If almost all foreign actors are illegal sojourners, their fees have no taxes taken from them. [So] we regularly have more tax taken."

"Do we really need to use foreign actors?"

"Korean actors shouldn't wear wigs and act."

"Broadcasters shouldn't protect illegals."

"Depending on your view, isn't foreigners' exaggerated acting on the stage even stranger? The sight of young actors forced to dress up from young people to the elderly seems to be funnier."

"In what country's case if it's not English is it Korean? If you want to do it properly, in Japan's case hire Japanese and do it in Japanese, in the Arab case you hire Arabs and ask them to speak Arabic." There is an outpouring of such posts by agitated netizens.

On the other hand, prudent responses were also brought up, such as, "Hurry and investigate so misunderstandings regarding law-abiding foreign actors can be swept away" and "I would like for other foreign actors not to suffer harm because of people who are illegal foreign instructors."

A foreign actor who appears on MBC's "Mysterious TV Surprise," shared a message expressing their feelings on the show's message board: "One bad person or a rumor says all the actors are bad or "Surprise" can't be made badly. It's regrettable for the broadcast. And to those who support us we sincerely thank you."

Meanwhile, the production team for "Surprise" also disclosed their position regarding the 'Foreign actor interview.' They pointed out that "We too are confused as we didn't know beforehand there would be an interview with a foreign actor on "I Want To Know That." The foreign actors on "Surprise" were hired through a legal procedure and strict selection via a legal agency."

Seo Byeong-gi, Multiculturalism Special Reporter
It's interesting to see all the different corners of society affected by the English Spectrum incident and the SBS broadcast. I don't think this internet kerfuffle had much of an effect on the hiring of foreign actors, however. This is the last contemporary article about the English Spectrum incident which appeared in the Korean media, though there is one more text by Anti English Spectrum to deal with before this series can be (finally!) wrapped up.


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aekimchee said...

I can tell you what the deal with shows like "Surprise" has been for many years: There are only a couple of agencies that issue entertainment visas to foreigners. They are dodgy, have slave-like contracts, and will take up to 80% of your pay. This is why you so often see people like Russians or Nigerians playing Americans (poorly). I had a Colombian friend some years back who was appearing on a major network show regularly and found out that his agency was getting paid W3,000,000 monthly for his salary while he only received W300,000. People in these situations are on valid visas for their TV work, but they often have to moonlight under the table to make ends meet, and that's when you'll see them doing things like teaching illegally. The other way TV networks get cheap foreigners is from agents who hang around places like Yonsei KLI and get youngsters on student visas who aren't restricted from such part time work.