Monday, August 15, 2016

Interviewed in the Korea Times

Jon Dunbar at the Korea Times interviewed me a couple weeks ago about my time in Korea this summer (spent studying Korean at SNU, among other things), future plans, and plans for the blog. As I say in the interview, I plan to blog here when I find the time (and over the next few weeks I should have some time at last, particularly to reflect on the changes Seoul has undergone in the year I was away) and would never take down the archives here. Many thanks to Jon for posting the interview.

On a somewhat related topic, I got to chat with Colin Marshall while I was in town and enjoyed reading his most recent post at the Los Angeles Review of Books Blog about Michael Stephens' 1990 book Lost in Seoul and Other Discoveries on the Korean Peninsula. I haven't read it or Michael Shapiro's The Shadow in the Sun: A Korean Year of Love and Sorrow (though I'd heard of both) but have read Simon Winchester's 1988 book Korea, a Walk Through the Land of Miracles, as well as Ian Baruma and Pico Iyer's work on the 1988 Olympics and P.J. O'Rourke's writing about the 1987 election (all of which are well worth reading). Having read Colin's post, I'll have to find Stephens' book - it sounds like an interesting read.

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