Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Groove 100th issue fundraiser

Partly since I'm interviewed in this, I'm passing this on (though today is the last day of the gofundme campaign):
Groove Korea is celebrating its 100th issue in February! Thank you for 100 months of supporting Korea’s longest-running free expat community magazine.

Next month’s commemorative issue, our biggest ever, celebrates the expats who made a difference to their community and to Korea. Our volunteer writers and photographers have spent eight months hard at work on it. It is thick, shiny and expensive to print. To get this issue into the hands of the community, we need your help.

If you donate just $5, we will send one issue to your mailbox. If we meet our $5,000 (5 million won) target, we will match the cost and print 5,000 extra copies for the public, to be available at our regular locations in Seoul. (We’ll publish a list of our locations on groovekorea.com.)

Plus, we’ll thank you for supporting us with higher donations with a commemorative poster and admission to our Groove 100th issue party @ DGBD in Hongdae on Feb. 7, featuring Part Time Cooks, HarryBigButton, Magna Fall, JoshRoy and Ssighborggggestra! (Party info here)

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