Thursday, August 28, 2014

Skies and water

Apologies to my readers for the utter lack of posts the last month. I spent much of the month in Canada, and a good portion of that time was spent away from the internet. The weather wasn't always great, but I can't help but take a certain amount of pleasure from sleeping with layers of covers on in August, considering the impossibility of that in Seoul these days. Lots of photos of skies, water, and nature follow:

A couple days after the super moon (thanks to Ami for the settings).

A particularly hazy day driving (excruciatingly slowly on the Gardener Expressway) into Toronto.

Spooked geese make for more interesting subjects than calm ones.

Swallowtail butterfly.

Pure luck involved in this shot - the hummingbird was flitting about here and there and I zoomed in and just happened to shoot at the right moment.

More regular posting will begin from here on out.

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Unknown said...

I grew up in North Eastern Ontario. Absolutely fantastic photos. I am assuming cottage country. Makes me long for times of old.