Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Simpler necessities

From Seoul Through Pictures 5: Expanding Seoul (1971-1980) (published by The City History Compilation Committee of Seoul) comes this 1976 poster calling for preparation for emergencies showing life necessities needed for an emergency kit for a family of five intended to last 10 days. On the bottom it says 'Let's all prepare emergency supplies!'

The emergency necessities include, clockwise from top, 30kg of mixed grains (an average of 600g per person per day), 30 yontan, one 500g bag of sugar, one 600g bag of salt, a flashlight, 12 candles, and one 350g bar of soap.

Somehow I imagine the needs of a family today would be quite a bit more.


King Baeksu said...

Actually, today's poster would be much simpler: A single image of a Samsung Galaxy S5, with the Chinese characters at the top changed to a catchy English-language slogan.

Who needs anything else these days, right?

zentaurus said...
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zentaurus said...

and an approriate solar charger?

King Baeksu said...

"and an approriate solar charger?"

That's no longer necessary. Due to their unique genetic profile, all Koreans can now have Samsung-branded smartphones surgically implanted into the side of their face; since the human body produces roughly 120 watts per day, that's more than enough to power a standard smartphone, especially when that body has itself been powered over a lifetime by the Amazing Superfood That Is Kimchi.

When asked to comment about this breakthrough technology, a spokesperson from Samsung said, "We regret that smartphone implants with devices manufactured by non-Korean companies are incompatible with the genetic make-up of the Korean people. How you like them Apples?"