Friday, October 21, 2005

Korean Punk

Speaking of Korean punk rock (yeah, I know it's been a few weeks; I've been doing research on some future posts), I came upon some pages on that topic the other day by accident, and thought I'd post some links to them.

I'd imagine the first article in English about punk rock in Korea would be Stephen Epstein's 2000 article 'Anarchy in the UK, Solidarity in the ROK: Punk Rock Comes to Korea'. It's a lengthy article, but well worth a read if you have any interest in this subject. Eptstein notes that many of the interviews are culled from footage shot for a documentary, released in 2001, called 'Our Nation: a Korean Punk Rock Community', which he made with UCLA folklorist Tim Tangherlini (an article about Epstein and his reasons for making the film appeared in the Korea Herald at the time).

I'd love to see the documentary, but as this page tells us, it only seems available to institutions, for prices well beyond what an individual would want to spend. If anyone is going to be at Seoul Selection tonight, where Stephen Epstein is giving a book reading, perhaps they could ask him about other possible ways to view it.


Anonymous said...


Great site. You and I have very similar interests--especially appreciated your post on Korean psychedelia.

I can probably give you a copy of the doc to view on my next trip to Korea (unfortunately just came back on Wednesday to NZ). Would be nice to meet in person at some point....

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,
Send me your mailing address and I'll get you a copy of the DVD.