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After the 'hidden camera sex' report... victim hurt again through 'comment terror'

NoCut News's July 2012 war on white men and foreign instructors

Part A: Foreign instructor lives a double life… Caught red-handed with dozens of ‘Hidden Camera Sex’ tapes
Part B: Yongsan police begin investigation of 'Foreign instructor who secretly filmed sex'
Part C: 'Foreign instructor who secretly filmed sex' 'expelled' from his university

"The Reality and Twisted Values of Some White Men" Series:
Part 1: 'Chris who appeared on Superstar K'... inquiring into what happened [Korean]
Part 2: Internet awash with 'ways to seduce Korean women'
Part 3: What is the reason elementary school native speaking instructors get their hands on drugs?
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Part 5: 'Unqualified foreign instructors' can't help but abound.
Part 6: "Charged with a crime, but whatever"... If they look white, it's OK?
Part 7: A foreign English instructor: "Secretly recorded sex? That's really disgusting."
Part 8: After the 'hidden camera sex' report... victim hurt again through 'comment terror'
Part 9: The 'Hidden camera sex video' could spread... anxious police, idle university

Part 8: After the 'hidden camera sex' report... victim hurt again through 'comment terror'

Thursday morning NoCut News added another installment to their campaign to alert Korea to the dangers posed by 'some' white men, in particular foreign instructors. As can be seen in these translated comments to their original article about the foreign instructor who made hidden camera videos of sex with Korean women, the response of most (male) netizens was not entirely supportive of the victims:
Crazy bitches. If there’s a bastard Westerner they just go nuts and spread their legs for him."

They became the target of a crime because they dated a foreigner

Falling into a new form of sadae; if there’s a foreign bastard, they just can’t help themselves, the sluts are just crazy.

Those kimchi girls will start dribbling and throbbing if they even see something like a white guy[.] In fact, in their own countries they are total losers, but this is about the level of a kimchi bitch[.] Slut-queens of South-East Asia.
NoCut News decided to find out what was behind this.

After the 'hidden camera sex' report... victim hurt again through 'comment terror'
[The Reality and Twisted Values of Some White Men, part 8] Why has the finger been pointed at the victimized women instead?
CBS NoCut News exclusively reported on the issue of the native speaking English instructor working at a well known private university's language hagwon who secretly filmed sex with Korean women and is keeping around 20 videos.

After the report went out, Police immediately launched an investigation and the school immediately fired the native speaking instructor. With this incident CBS NoCut News has taken the opportunity to trace back the realities and twisted values of some white men who are representative of native speaking instructors.

On the 20th, the eighth article in the series addresses the serious second round of victimization such as strong criticism faced by victims of sex crimes by foreigners.
[Editor's note]

After CBS NoCut News's articles about the foreign instructor who worked at the language hagwon of a well known private university who 'secretly videoed sex' came out, most of the hundreds of comments on the articles pointed not to the male perpetrator but to the victimized women as 'providing the cause' of the crime.

Most comments denigrated the victimized women, calling them "Kimchi [bitch]", or saying 'It's the fault of the women who are eager to learn English," or "It's a problem with women who like and cling to white people."

Why are the female victims of sex crime by foreigners not recognized as such when compared to [victims of] ordinary sex crimes?

Expert analysis commonly finds the cause to be that the experience of the Japanese colonial era and the stationing of US troops led to hostility towards men from powerful nations.

Joongang University Professor of Sociology Lee Na-young explained that "There is guilt over the inability to protect Korean women in the history of foreign invasion and a perception that they are losing women to foreign men."

Because of these feelings of guilt or a sense of inferiority they shift the blame from the foreign male assailants who caused the sex crime to the female victims who are "muddying the bloodline or not protecting their chastity."

Experts add that seeing a Korean woman walking down the street with a white man as a 'sex worker' is part of the same phenomenon.

It's also pointed out that especially in cases where there's an obvious sex criminal, but he's a foreigner, the so called 'theory that the victim caused it' in which 'the victim is more responsible' stands out.

In fact, in court there are also often cases in which the 'theory that the victim caused it' is applied with "she was wearing a short skirt" or "she provided a reason first" and the perpetrator's [punishment] is reduced.

Gyeonggi University professor of criminal psychology Lee Su-jeong explained that in cases of sex crimes by foreigners, the 'theory that the victim caused it' has more persuasive power.

Professor Lee pointed out that, "As the 'rarity' of foreigners brings more attention, there is a tendency for the 'theory that the victim caused it' to be amplified.

There are voices that also advise that to change public opinion which shifts responsibility to the women, "Women's choices should be respected."

Network for Glocal Activism secretary general Na-young said, "Which man a woman meets is her personal choice." Of the focus on and criticism of only women who have sex with foreign men, she criticized it saying it was"because women have a preconceived notion that they should be picked by a partner and not choose for themselves."

Most experts also said that the seriousness of the second round of harm victims undergo due to the 'knee-jerk tossing out of comments' should be considered.

Joongang University Professor Lee Na-young said it was regrettable that "Discussion blaming the victim is an issue of privacy but the women feel guilty." "Even though the men are legally punished, the women are socially punished."

Women's Sexual Violence Relief Center Hotline director Yu-Lee Hwa-young emphasized that due to public opinion which asserts that "For the reason that they date foreigners alone, they are more likely to be exposed to crime" and which sees themselves as the cause of sex crime, it is more difficult for these women to report it.
There's some good analysis there, though one wonders, if these women are being victimized by Korean men, why this article is part of a series titled "The Reality and Twisted Values of Some White Men." One might also wonder if articles like those in this series which make assertions like this -
In particular, information abounds which instills false stereotypes regarding Korean women such as the idea that you can make a girlfriend on your second day in the country or that in two years you can have sex with 20 women.
- or this -
"I think such incidents are not completely the responsibility of foreign instructors." "It's also a problem of some Korean women who want to learn English and thoughtlessly approach some foreigners[.]"
- also contribute to this problem. Of course, this is not for NoCut News to ask, apparently. At least they aren't entering the 'irony free zone' and declaring "Native speaking teachers only protest articles criticizing them without reflection" like did during its 'July madness' anti foreign teacher series of 2009.

Also, as for this -
[T]he experience of the Japanese colonial era and the stationing of US troops led to hostility towards men from powerful nations.
- it should be noted that it's not in the experience so much as in how it has been remembered - as an endless series of victimization and humiliations - where the problem lays. Not that they said there was any problem with this idea.

At any rate, two articles with a similar feminist analysis published during the English Spectrum incident in 2005, "Korean men have no excuse" and Dirty Korean women who have brought shame to the country?, are both worth reading. Again, the similarity between the way the women in 2005 were victimized by netizens and the comments left in regard to this incident should make it clear how relevant the 2005 material is.

NoCut News published a ninth installment Friday morning - who knows what Saturday will bring?

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