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To white English instructors, the Republic of Korea is a paradise

The 2005 English Spectrum Incident

Part 1: English Spectrum and 'Ask The Playboy'
Part 2: The Kimchiland where it’s easy to sleep with women and make money
Part 3: English Spectrum shuts down as Anti-English Spectrum is created
Part 4: How to hunt foreign women
Part 5: Did the foreigners who denigrated Korean women throw a secret party?
Part 6: The 'Ask The Playboy' sexy costume party
Part 7: Stir over ‘lewd party’ involving foreigners and Korean women
Part 8: The 2003 post that tarred foreign English teachers as child molesters
Part 9: Netizens shocked by foreign instructor site introducing how to harass Korean children
Part 10: 'Recruit a Yankee strike force!'
Part 11: The Daum signature campaign: 'Let's kick out low quality foreign instructors!'
Part 12: Movement to expel foreign teachers who denigrated Korean women
Part 13: "Middle school girls will do anything"
Part 14: Netizens propose 'Yankee counter strike force'
Part 15: Segye Ilbo interview with the women from the party, part 1
Part 16: Segye Ilbo interview with the women from the party, part 2
Part 17: Web messages draw Koreans’ wrath
Part 18: Thai female laborers and white English instructors
Part 19: KBS Morning Newstime: 'I can also suffer from the two faces of the internet'
Part 20: AES: Grandfather Dangun is wailing in his grave!
Part 21: 'Regret' over the scandal caused by confessions of foreign instructors
Part 22: "Korean men have no excuse"
Part 23: "Unfit foreign instructors should be a 'social issue'"
Part 24: Growing dispute over foreign English instructor qualifications
Part 25: 'Clamor' at foreigner English education site
Part 26: Foreign instructor: "I want to apologize"
Part 27: No putting brakes on 'Internet human rights violations'
Part 28: "They branded us as whores, yanggongju and pimps," part 1
Part 29: "They branded us as whores, yanggongju and pimps," part 2
Part 30: Don't Imagine
Part 31: Anti-English Spectrum founder's statement
Part 32: 'Foreign instructor' takes third place
Part 33: Art From Outsider's Point of View
Part 34: U.S. Embassy warns Americans of threats near colleges
Part 35: Internet real name system debated
Part 36: Dirty Korean women who have brought shame to the country?
Part 37: Invasion of Privacy Degrades Korean Women Twice Over
Part 38: 60 unqualified native speaking instructors hired for English instruction
Part 39: The rising tide of unqualified foreign instructors
Part 40: Warrant for Canadian English instructor who molested hagwon owner
Part 41: MBC Sisa Magazine 2580: "Korea is a paradise"
Part 42: Foreign instructor: "In two years I slept with 20 Korean women."
Part 43: Viewers shocked by shameless acts of unqualified foreign instructors.
Part 44: Warrant for the arrest of a man in his 30s for breaking into home of foreign instructors
Part 45: [Cultural criticism] Hongdae club day lewd party incident
Part 46: Unqualified English instructors seen as major problem here
Part 47: Investigation of the realities of 'foreign instructors' methods for luring Korean women'
Part 48: Broadcast announcement: 'For foreign instructors, is Korea a paradise for women?'

Part 49: To white English instructors, the Republic of Korea is a paradise

On February 15, 2005, Star News added to the chorus of articles about the upcoming SBS tabloid news show about foreign English teachers:
To white English instructors, the Republic of Korea is a paradise

SBS's 'I want to know that' to report on foreign instructors on the 19th

[Money Today Star News reporter Kim Hyeon-rok]

"To white English instructors, Korea is a paradise for women and bank machine."

SBS's 'I want to know that,' which recently made waves by casting doubts on Yuk Young-su's murder, is digging into the realities of foreign instructors.

The 'I want to know that' broadcast on the 19th, "Is Korea their Paradise? Report on the Real Conditions of Blond-haired, Blue-eyed Teachers" will accuse foreign instructors who habitually break or evade the law due to our mentality of putting English first and racism.

Specific examples are presented. In the course of covering this the production crew confirmed that a foreign instructor who suggested using marijuana to students and also sexually assaulted a middle school student at an English supplementary hagwon was openly teaching students at a different hagwon.

Producers describe foreign instructors you can meet who openly say things like 'Korea is like a paradise where you can easily make money and enjoy the women,' and 'Korea is an ATM.' Producers also describe how a post titled "How to lure little Korean girls," which tells how to harass minors, caused a stir when it was posted at a foreign instructor job site, but similar things actually happen at some English hagwons.

Producers said, "We can no longer neglect the social side effects spawned by an overheated and distorted obsession with English education and the racism within us which is overly generous to blue-eyed westerners but looks coldly upon Southeast Asian foreign workers," and painted a picture of the dark aspects of our society which has spawned racism and a mentality of putting English first.
We've almost reached the broadcast of the show; just one more post and we're ready to go.

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