Saturday, October 06, 2012

Update on Christopher Paul Neil

After being arrested by police upon arrival in Vancouver, the outcome of Neil's hearing was reported on Wednesday:
A British Columbia man convicted in Thailand for sexually abusing children has been set free in Canada, but a judge has imposed strict public safety conditions on the pedophile once dubbed Swirl Face.

Christopher Neil must be watched for the next 18 months to prove he's not a danger, provincial court Judge Patrick Chen ruled Wednesday in Richmond, B.C.

Neil's lawyer told court the 37-year-old former English teacher would willingly follow the restrictions.[...]

Some of the conditions Neil is ordered to abide by include surrendering his passport, staying away from places where children under 16 would congregate and not having access to the Internet. He must also remain in B.C., frequently check in with a probation officer and attend a treatment centre.
 18 months seems a rather short time, though I wonder what the longest possible term could be. It also mentions Cambodian police may be interested in Neil, and the possibility of extradition exists.


Unknown said...

How far can English education go?

Fauna said...

Seriously? Just sickening!