Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hobbies that get you on the news

Yonhap reported yesterday that American English teacher decided this kind of thing was a good idea:
American instructor prosecuted for secretly taking photos of 300 women with his iPod

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office revealed on June 25 that it had booked without detention a 45 year-old American, K, for secretly taking photos of women's body parts in public places (contravening the special law punishing sexual assault crimes)

According to prosecutors, K, who works as an instructor at a well-known hagwon in Seoul, is suspected of using his iPod, a portable MP3 device with a built-in camera, to take 306 videos of parts of the lower body of an unspecified number of women in public places such as subways.

The investigation found that K mainly took photos of the thighs and buttocks of women wearing short skirts and hot pants as they climbed stairs or stood in sloping places.
Funny how the "unspecified number of women" in the body of the article contradicts the headline. This also was reported by News Y, Chosun Ilbo, tbs, Kyunghyang Sinmun, MBN, Money Today, YTN, Asia Gyeongje, SBS, News 1, and the Segye Ilbo.

In other news, just over a week ago a 26 year-old teaching assistant working at a university in Seoul was sentenced to 5 years in prison for having sex several times with a 12 year old elementary school girl he'd met via smartphone chatting earlier this year. For some odd reason only Newsis and two regional news outlets, the Jungbu Ilbo and Gyeonggi Sinmun, found this newsworthy.


Anonymous said...

"I learned it from you, Japan!"

bdh said...

my understanding of korean law (unless something recently changed - in the law that is) is that if he had waited just a few months later (when she was 13) he would have been completely fine (as long as he didnt pay for it - heck even if you do pay for it one case accepted the payment as "taxi and food money"). lesson here: wait till she's 13 perverts.