Thursday, May 05, 2011

Children's Day links

As it's Children's Day, I thought I'd point out this KBS article (hopefully that cache still works) about its founder Bang Jeong-hwan, who also coined the term eorini (어린이). As this Arirang article notes,
"A long time ago, children were called "ahae." Moreover, the derogatory suffix "nom" was often added, giving "ahaenom." Today, the term for children is more respectful than that of years ago."
Calling children 'nom' - how sweet. Also of interest is this older article by Robert Neff which also quotes from a 1951 Time Magazine article about Children's Day during wartime. I couldn't help remembering this photo I came across in the Life Magazine archives from the Korean war, of a medic treating an injured girl:

It's part of a series (1, 2, 3, 4).

Something more upbeat would be this video of kids playing dodgeball and GIs teaching kids to play baseball in 1948 (IE only).

It seems newspapers often use Children's Day as an opportunity to report things like "Korean children are the unhappiest in the OECD".

And related to children, AP has an article about what teachers in the US have been doing to explain to students who were toddlers when 9-11 occurred why people were cheering a man's death in the streets.

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