Monday, November 02, 2009

SNUE president Song was misquoted by the Korea Times.

As I noted Friday, the Korea Times reported that Seoul National University of Education president Song Kwang-yong said the following about foreign English teachers:
Song also stressed that Korean teachers should replace native English-speaking teachers as soon as possible. "Currently, only 20.5 percent of native English speaking teachers (at schools) have teaching licenses (according to data from the Education Ministry, November 2008), so it is urgent for us to foster teachers who have excellent English proficiency," Song said.

"The native speakers are not qualified and are often involved in sexual harassment and drugs."
According to Benjamin Wagner, who contacted President Song's office this morning by phone and sent him questions by email:
President Song was good enough to make a personal call in reply to the email.

He was misquoted by the KT. President Song explained that while problems with foreign teachers as covered in the press were mentioned in passing, he did not say "The native speakers are not qualified and are often involved in sexual harassment and drugs."

President Song said the focus of the discussion was the need for more qualified teachers because his school is responsible for training them.
So the source of this quote defaming foreign English teachers in Korea would appear to be Kang Shin-who, so that is who complaints should be directed to - or the person who should be complained about. As Scott Burgeson noted in a comment, the Korea Times can be reached by phone here:

Political Desk : 02-724-2343
City Desk : 02-724-2346
Editorial Room : 02-724-2859

Kang Shin-who's email is here:

If you have any other contacts or suggestions, leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

If someone were to file a lawsuit I think they should still include both the SNUE President Mr. Song and the Korea Times/Kang, Shin-who
because how does anyone know who Mr. Song isn't lying? If someone were to include only the Korea Times/Kang, Shin-who then they would lie and the Judge would probably take their word for it and suggest that Mr. Song should have been named on the lawsuit. Unless of course Mr. Song would be willing to testify against the Korea Times/Kang, Shin-who

Anonymous said...

Quite! I completely agree with the sentiments expressed by the commentator above. The president of Seoul National University is probably lying. If not, why does he tolerate being misquoted in a national newspaper making him look like an uneducated racist and not sue the journalist or force the Korea Times to print a correction?

K said...
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matt said...

Bob, personal attacks and name-calling are a no-no.