Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The end of the tunnel, etc

Here's the apparently finished tunnel I looked at in this post...

...they just need to finish the ramps to the Olympic Expressway.
But I digress...

Well, it's been a busy month and a half, what with a trip home and lots of work and personal obligations upon my return, but I imagine by tonight or tomorrow night I should be posting a little more regularly than the three posts I managed to put up in January. Sorry about that (and the unanswered comments). I finally got around to updating the template for this blog, though the categories need to be updated, which will take a week (or more) of plugging away at to complete. The updated 'archives' sidebar is much more practical, though it was often surprising for me to look at the long string of months under the old archives sidebar and think, "Wow, that long, huh?" I'll be doing some more tweaking over the next month (as well as producing some content - imagine that!).

Thanks to those people who nominated Gusts of Popular Feeling for 4 Golden Klog Awards. It's nice to know someone is reading what you write, and even better to have people think it's worth spending their time reading. If you haven't voted, hurry on over and do so now (part 1, part 2)!

Vote for me and I'll set you free (why yes, I am fond of this Love and Rockets song, itself a cover of this Temptations song (which for some reason brings to mind this Stevie Wonder song (a more rockin' version of which is at 3:00 here (aided by the Rolling Stones) in the film Cocksucker Blues, directed by Robert Frank, whose 1958 photo book The Americans is an old favourite of mine. The Stones didn't like the film, what with its depictions of drug use and groupie shenanigans, and a court ruling declared that the film could only be shown with the director present. Now that's rock and roll.) No wait, the Monks are.)

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Anonymous said...

I now feel like I am the only person in Korea without a blog. Maybe some of the bloggers should work together to have more content on their individual sites.