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Internet real name system debated

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On January 24, My Daily (who else?) reported on the evolving debate over a real name system for netizens, a topic which continues from the discussion in this article published five days earlier. It begins:
Netizens in heated debate over real name system controversy

As the mass distribution of such things as the Celebrity X-File is being seen as an opportunity to introduce a netizen real name system, debate for or against it among netizens is heating up.

As negative opinion has been formed due to things like the spread of the Celebrity X-File, the battle over writing at the foreign instructor denigration site, and some netizens' personal terror, in regard to those who have brought up the netizen real name system, controversy is growing, as those opposing it are saying, "This is just trying to reduce freedom of expression," while those who favor the adoption of the real name system say "You should be responsible for what you write."
It goes on to note that this was not just an internet discussion, with CBS radio "develop[ing] a platform to discuss the netizen real name system" earlier that day by interviewing a lawyer who said that "Because the internet is after all based on anonymity, a possible consequence is that faceless terror is possible and incorrect information can be blindly accepted." It goes on note pro and con opinions summarized above and then ends with quotes from experts saying "In truth, there are many difficulties in introducing a netizen real name system" and "More desirable than laws and systems would be for education regarding netizen etiquette when using the internet to be systematically carried out at school and at home."

As it turns out, there weren't as many problems as one might have thought in implementing this system, though it was done slowly. Here is a summary of the way in which the system was first suggested and implemented, written as Google was about to adopt the system for Youtube in 2009. After the dog poop girl incident in June of 2005, the debate was brought back to life, as noted in these posts from the time:

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Google would later decide not to implement the system, apparently enraging a certain future Seoul mayoral candidate. At the end of last year, it was suggested that the real name system may be scrapped, but as far as I know little has been done in that regard.

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Unknown said...

I think real name system must be introduced. Some people post abusive comments or spread false rumors in cyberspace. Real name system can hinder netizens from doing that. Especially in Korea, this is a really serious problem causing innocent people to commit suicide or get mental disability due to excessive stress. For example, a female singer named Uni killed herself because of abusive comments about her on the internet. This is an example among many other similar cases. Seeing from it, we can tell that serious problems caused by anonymous posts are not a rare thing in Korea. Thus, I assert that real name system is essential and must be introduced.