Friday, August 13, 2010

Shin Jung-hyeon LPs, Kim Jung-mi songs

Awhile ago I found this blog which posts links to mp3s of psychedelic rock from around the world, including a few lps from Korea, such as Shin Jung-hyun and the Men's 1972 album "Woman of the Evening Sun." Have a look here for the album, or here for their long take on "Lies" from another album. Not an amazing album, but its standout would be the 10 minute version of "Beautiful Rivers and Mountains, " which can be listened to at youtube:

In finding the above video, I realized there's a lot more of Shin's stuff up on Youtube, including one of my favourites, Kim Jung-mi. Here's her singing one Shin's best psychedelic folk songs, "Bom."

You can also find her singing "Baram" and what is likely my favourite version of "Beautiful Rivers and Mountains."

You can also see her performing live here and here. You've gotta love her suit.


matt said...

Me too. Of all the performers who worked with Shin Jung-hyun, Kim Jung-mi is my favourite (with his 1972 album with the 'Golden Grapes' a close second). It amazes me how many Koreans listen to and enjoy the Beatles but know little - or simply don't care to know - about Korean rock from the 60s and early 70s.

Dylan Mac n Cheese said...

wow, what a find, and what a beautiful song. thanks to your blog, i'm finding out more about vintage korea, korean music, that i otherwise would have no idea about. thanks. a wonderful song. and i love the blog too, very educational.