Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Korea's Best Beer

Kudo's to the sunshine policy for bringing Taedonggang Beer to South Korea. Made in Pyongyang, North Korea, it's a lager that comes in a 500 ml bottle, and is certainly tastier than anything else made in Korea. North Korea could perhaps find a niche exporting this stuff. It's a shame the nuclear test will likely put a stop to the imports. Or then, maybe it won't, South Korea's stance being what it is these days.

"Excuse me sir, how do you feel about the nuclear test?"
"I hope it doesn't put a stop to the beer exports."

Oh, but the story of Taeddonggang in South Korea has a downside - it's only available at a really popular bar in Itaewon (across from a hotel and fast food joint) that plays shitty music and has a lousy atmosphere. Not only that, when we ordered some a few weeks ago, I and a friend got brown coloured bottles, while another friend got a green bottle. When a waitress saw this, she told us they only served green bottles, and that we'd obviously smuggled them in, and was set to call security. Which would make sense, if it wasn't the only place in the entire country where we knew where to find Taedonggang, and that the idea of smuggling beer into a place that sells a variety of drinks and has half a dozen beers on tap is patently ridiculous. Anyways, she was very apologetic about the whole thing when it was sorted out. But another source needs to be found. If anyone knows anything, do leave a comment.

By the way, this wikipedia entry provides some helpful links and information.


Anonymous said...

Any Wa bar has this beer ;-) they're everywhere. Tasty stuff!

Anonymous said...

WHy not just buy good beer?

matt said...

It is good beer. I mean, I take it you've tried it, right? Not the best stuff I've ever had, but pretty good, and better than everything else Korean breweries have to offer (which is what I have to settle for if I have drinks out around home). Though yeah, whenever I'm somewhere that sells good beer, I'll drink it.

I have to go at least 20 minutes to find good beer (there's a brew pub there, with the typical Korean brew pub choice of wheat, dunkel, or pilsner), or otherwise go downtown to find the really good stuff (ie Belgian).

Oh, and thanks for the heads up regarding Wa Bar (too bad the War Bar near my place closed a year ago...)

Anonymous said...

Not to be picky but good beer is one that all things being the same, you would buy it over another good beer that is priced the same. To compair it to shit like all the korea beer is not fair. That is shit. To compair it good dunkels or guiness is the same.

I would never buy the stuff at 5000 won. I think the only value is the fact that its Nork beer. Otherwise its crap.